Tips for square foot gardening.

Tips for square foot gardening:

Food Produce – Urban gardening provides  more food per square foot than traditional gardening. The key being that these are plants grown vertically, so a square foot can hold many levels. Just two square feet of space in your apartment, can be used to install an urban gardening system with lettuce growing in shelves.
Simple – ANYONE can do it!  Urban Gardening may sound overwhelming but with the new systems it has become child’s play.
It requires little space so that makes it accessible to all. The Urban Gardening revolution is also called Square Foot Gardening.
The Square Foot Gardening rely on the water system installed, artificial lighting, and nutrients already worked-in in the soil and hence, weather is not a big factor, making these systems even more popular as they reduce dependency on the weather.Tips for square foot gardening
Accessible and Affordable Organic Food – The Urban Gardening systems use good quality soil. The chemicals used are much less than used in traditional farming. This makes the produce organic and within our reach. We can grow herbs etc. all year round and have access to fresh herbs all year round.
It’s annoying when you are almost finished with the near-to-perfect recipe and all you’re missing is fresh herbs. I love cooking with herbs so this is the perfect solution for me rather than to run down to a store at the last minute because my herbs died in the fridge!
Home Decor – Zen Effect!
A visually appealing and calming space is everyone’s dream for a perfect home.
If you’re looking for adding a natural flavor to your home and taking things out of the ordinary, urban gardening is what you should be looking at.
Plants have the unique ability of transforming the feel of a space dramatically. Even the darkest corner, comes alive with a plant. If you want to transform your space immediately, urban gardening is the decor solution that never goes out of style.square foot gardening
It is also a great way to de-stress and is quite meditative. People find solace in having plants in the home and office, as well as increasing their general emotional and social well-being while reducing stress levels.
Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, Urban Gardening systems are the best way to go ahead!

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