Low maintenance urban gardening plants

Low maintenance urban gardening plants:

Plant selection is a vital part of making a low maintenance urban gardening that will look incredible lasting through the year and ‘feel like a garden’ as opposed to a yard. For those who are highly interested in urban gardening and who don’t really have time to tend and care for plants that much, you’re still covered.

Low maintenance urban garden outlines regularly appear as contemporary spaces with evergreen planting and hard surfaces. Utilizing solid, clean lines is an incredible approach to boost a little garden outline and is dependably a decent method for guaranteeing that the garden configuration won’t date rapidly if normal materials and well picked plants are utilized. A standout amongst the most well-known missteps that we see in other low maintenance urban garden plans is the utilization of light hued surfaces that retain soil and contamination. Despite the fact that these can be kept in top condition if cleaned frequently, they are difficult to clean and continue looking great if leaves and trash are allowed to fall on them and not be cleared routinely.

Below is a list of low maintenance plants that are no trouble and will add great charm to your home.


Low maintenance plants 

Low maintenance urban gardening plants:


Hard to Kill Plants:

Christmas Cacti– Christmas Cacti thrive all year round. This prickly plant likes cold temperature and so is a perfect indoor plant.low maintenance
Aloe Vera– We all know this plant well as being great for skin and hair. It thrives well in more light.low maintenance
Fiddle Leaf Fig–  The latest interior decoration trend is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. The leafy plant needs room to flourish indirect light, and a little water. Water the plant once the soil completely dries out.low maintenance
Snake Leaf Plant– Another plant with beautiful long leaves and which hardly needs any water specially in winter. This plant is known for its air purification properties. It is also known as Good luck plant!low maintenance
Orchids– Orchids are my personal favorite. They need to be watered once a week, but wouldn’t die, if we forgot occasionally. They just need about six-hours of sunlight and artificial light also suffices.low maintenance


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